It all began in late 2011 when front figure Madeleine "Eleine" Liljestam began working with Cardiac Records.
Rikard Ekberg, who today is the band’s guitarist/growler and main songwriter along side Madeleine, joined in
2012. The end of 2013 proved to be very notable as they found three very talented musicians
that completed the band: David Eriksson (drums), Sebastian Berglund (keyboard), and Andreas
Mårtensson (bass).
The band released their first single along with a music video on April 3rd, 2014, named
"Gathering Storm." A second single was released on March 2015, and it has been very well
received by both fans and critics.
Later on April 18th, their self-titled debut album was released by Cardiac Records/Universal.

Their music is described as heavy symphonic metal with a unique spin. While performing
on stage, they do not fail to deliver a show that captivates the audience by seducing them and
striking them with a massive sense of wonder. When people hear “Eleine”, they even identify
the name with an alternative model who is the lead singer of the band. She has been on the
cover of Scandinavian Tattoo Magazine and models for several large alternative companies up
to the present. With a combination of modeling and music, Eleine defines themselves as
seductive, stylish, and monumental.

The symphonic metal band has grown a lot in a short period of time. They have already
shared the stage with bands such as Darkane, Sister Sin and Raubtier. They have performed at
numerous popular venues like Sweden Rock Festival and Rock Stage Malmöfestivalen to name a few.

In early 2016, Eleine took a new turn when the band and Cardiac Records went separate
ways. On June 2nd 2016, they released their latest single "Break Take Live" along with a music video.
They even went on a European Tour alongside the legendary Moonspell & The Foreshadowing in 2016.
Currently, they are working on new materials and planning promising shows that will blow
one’s mind.

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